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About Our Scouts Group

Scouts' Canadian Path Mingled with Active Spiritual Life

We follow the Canadian Path of Scouts Canada, not simply to enjoy "Scouting Adventures" but moreover to deepen our relationship with God. Our main approach is to involve our youth to participate actively in various activities, rather than passively teaching them. That is how we live our spirituality in a framework of a "Scouting Life" that glorifies God.

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Find the Perfect Path with True Vine Scouts Group

A Registered Group With Scouts Canada

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Our Programs

All is non-profit


Regular Meetings, camps, workshops, ...

We run regular weekly meetings but all is now suspended because of the pandemic. We also provide various exciting events throughout the year but more in spring and summer. We have special module for potential scouters to prepare and help them to get ready for full-registration.

Online Interactive Programs

We have a stream on Moodle that introduces an interactive module called "Navigation Beyond Time": It is designed in "Movie Maker'" format !!!
It takes you on an enjoyable journey through the bible, without diving into each story separately. Contrarily, it illustrates the Bible as one story from Genesis to Revelation.

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Latest News

COVID Updates

According to "Voyageur Council", Ottawa now is in orange zone as per 16 February 2021.

All our activities are still suspended

Due to the current pandemic, all our activities are suspended till further notice.

When to get back to regular scouting?

We are currently preparing to get back to regular scouting. We set our new plans , however, we are waiting till the circumstances get more stable regards the pandemic status. It is expected that we return with limited spots for both volunteers and youth.

Recruiting new volunteers

We are currently searching to get more volunteers involved especially the age of 14 to 16 years old group. If you are interested, we strongly encourage you to start contacting us to arrange for that.

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