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Available Online Programs


Story of Immortal Man

Jesus of Nazareth

Let us accompany Jesus , day by day, in His life on Earth.
It is a nice journey through the four Gospels , passing by Jesus' life in a chronological order. It has daily assignments and interactive components.


Navigation Beyond Time

NBT Studios

Here is where you jump in our Precious HOLY BIBLE. Join a group of friends and be recruited in our NBT studios. Together we will work on producing our scenes through discoveries, workshops, ...

This program focuses on the main message of the whole bible rather than diving in minor details. In brief, it tells the bible as one single story, from Genesis to Revelation, of the God's love towards ME.


Scouting & Leadership

Everything You Need

Those are individualized courses, tailored to our needs. This is where we follow up our training courses for our Scouters. This is also where we provide the basic theoretical Scouting knowledge to our youth.

We are super excited for the opportunity to put all online program on this link.

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