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True Vine Scouts

Our activities since September 2017

By the grace of God, we could accomplish our objectives . In this page we will let the scenes tell the story of our sccess.

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From 2017 to 2019, we could make 6 camps . We had th chance to camp in Baxter Conservation, Otter Lake and McLaren Island on St. Lawrence river. We were always keen to emphasize on our christian life whether directly by apllying spiritual themes and workshops, or indirectly through the details of daily camping life.

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Spiritual Workshops

As our first priority, we get youth engaged in demonstrating the bible stories by their own production using: shadow, sketches,.. Additionally, we use other methods to run our spiritual discusions: Learning games, experiments, ... .

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Scouts Canada offered a great opportuinity to pass a sailing course at the Sailing club. See, It was amazzzzzing ..

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Preparing Events

Following the Canadian Path: "Plan.. Do.. Review.."

We have been blessed to prepare two events for the church's children. Both had spiritual themes: "Great that Conquered the World" & "The Weeks of The Holy Lent". It was held in the form of thematic stations with a printed manual that the participants use.

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And a Fishing Course ..

One of our nice memories,
We have been granted a fishing course in our camp on McLaren Island.

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Kayaking & Canoeing


Dow's Lake

St. Lawrence River

Organized by Voyageur Concil
Scouts Canada

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Sponsoured by St. Mary Church, we rented a community garden as a non-profit summer project i.e. "Products were ot for sale". I was a mervalous summer activity and were very blessed.

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Cooking & Baking

In more than one occasion, we taught our youth how to see the other from a biblical view. To plan a meal together within a limited budget, to know how to think more of the other when we sit to eat if the food is not enough for ME ... This was how it worked spiritually through a "Canadian Path"  approach.

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